Interactive web calculator for sustainability

In 2021 we started a collaboration with film artist Lina Persson, PhD candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts, for the development of an online CO2 emissions calculator for film productions in Sweden.

Released in 2022, Elsa is an online calculator using the latest data visualisation technology for the web that allows film practitioners and students alike to measure and report emissions.

Persson came to us with the open question of how to improve her original calculator, a set of formulas arranged in a Microsoft Excel file. We expanded the original file into a full-fledged online tool, taking care of the whole design process from interface design and web development, to communications.

Differently than most calculators of this kind, we utilised a design-first approach where the desired aesthetic result determined the way information is presented. We prioritised generosity of space and aesthetic presence, straightforward texts across a low number of pages with intuitive visual clues, making Elsa both an accessible and trustworthy environment to learn and experiment. 

We kept the project team small and agile, with only 4 people being continuously involved in design decisions, and Elsa is possibly the first web calculator for sustainability made entirely by a group of women.

Full of color, extremely lightweight, responsive and compliant with AA accessibility, today elsa.film is set to become the standard tool to estimate, measure and report the CO2 emissions of movie productions in Sweden.

See the press release from Stockholm University of the Arts.

project team

Stockholm University of the Arts: Lina Persson, Lena Kempe, Heidi Paatere Möller (communications), Web development: Ilaria Roglieri

Made possible by the generous support of Stockholm University of the Arts

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