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In her writings on design, Benedetta exposes the intersections of visual culture and power from a feminist and de-colonial perspectives, bringing a rare mix of expertise in both visual communication and power analysis.

Her essays bring a critical reading of contemporary developments in visual culture, usually as they happen, offering tools to take informed design decisions especially with concerns to fair representation. Benedetta writes in a way that makes the fine mechanics of visual production understandable to specialists as well as the general public.

Mostly published online, for free and open-access, Benedetta’s essays regularly get viewing figures in the thousands, and are used as reference readings in design education.

To commission writing work, get in touch at info@studiobenedettacrippa.com

List of writings
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  1. The Visible Gender, part one
    analyses visuals produced in the context of gender identity, unpacking the extent to which they contribute to fair representation.

  2. The Colour of Green
    discusses how current approaches to sustainability in graphic design mostly translate to reductionist solutions and a rejection of aesthetic curation that re-confirm what is already established as the dominant norm. 

  3. On Visual Sustainability
    In this interview with Meg Miller, Benedetta expands on the concept of “visual sustainability” and the urgency of bringing aesthetics front and center in designers’ contributions to social and environmental equity. 

  4. A for Anything (PDF here)
    A critical analysis of recent examples of reductionist logo designs, and their connections with patriarchal approaches to form.

  5. Pedagogies of Freedom for Visual Communication, later republished as Teach What You Need to Learn
    In this interview by Maya Ober, Benedetta discusses strategies for a design pedagogy of liberation together with Johanna Lewengard, Head of Programme at the MFA in Visual Communication at Konstfack.

  6. Dystopia is the New Porn
    Unpacks how current fascinations with dystopic scenarios in film and entertainment indicate an attempt to re-imagine and re-establish declining structures of power.

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