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Located in Stockholm with an international outreach, the studio is run by Benedetta Crippa, graphic designer and communication advisor originally from Italy. Benedetta designs across the broad span of visual communication, taking roles from strategic consultancy, to design and ornamental work, as well as creative direction.

Her practice is a focused investigation on how graphic design can expand beyond current boundaries of methodology and aesthetics. 
Her background and visual research in Italy, Nepal and Central Asia have shaped her distinctive visual language, where she uses ornamentation and experimental investigations to revisit ideas around beauty, form and power.

Benedetta is also graphic design Lead at the Stockholm Environment Institute—one of the most respected research institutes on sustainability globally, and is engaged as researcher and educator at university level. Committed to a sustainable design field, her practice-based research on visual sustainability is being recognised as expanding the discourse on sustainable practice for the field of graphic design. In 2019–2021 she is the initiator of the first course of its kind on visual sustainability at Konstfack University.

MFA Visual Communication from Konstfack

Portrait by Sofia Runarsdotter

+46 720 236 739
Blekingegatan 24, Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram, Linkedin

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Writings by Benedetta
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Dystopia is the New Porn
Closer Looks at Beyond Change

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Some original works and prints can be purchased by contacting the studio.

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+46 720 236 739
Blekingegatan 24, Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram, Linkedin