As part of her involvement with design pedagogy Benedetta curates university-level courses and workshops on graphic design, and regularly joins as guest teacher, guest critic, opponent or course director. 

Designed to be in touch with the times and centered on practice, her courses strike a balance between being industry-relevant while creating the conditions for students to be innovators in their field. As educator Benedetta brings advanced design expertise paired with sound theoretical frameworks, as well as a rare experience with feminist methodology in the classroom.

She has intervened as course director and educator in Sweden (Umeå University, Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Beckmans College of Design, Linnaeus University, HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design, Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm School of Economics), Finland (Aalto University), Norway (The Oslo School of Architecture and Design), Estonia (EKA – Estonian Academy of Arts), Germany (HFK Bremen University of the Arts), the UK (UAL—University of the Arts London), and is regular visiting teacher at Konstfack University in Stockholm.

Read about Benedetta’s approach to pedagogy in Teach What You Need to Learn and on Teaching Design Conversations (PDF here). To involve her as educator, contact

Selection of main pedagogical initiatives

Benedetta has presented Quantum Thinking as lecture at several design institutions, companies and conferences, as well as been leading a yearly course at Konstfack University (BFA graphic design final year) on the same theme for the past 3 years.

On Visual Sustainability

Quantum Thinking is a university course and lecture series on practical applications of sustainable approaches to visual work. Introducing the concept of “visual sustainability”, the course debunks the common myth that sustainability should be about designing less and creates instead a framework for students to design better, bringing a focus on the transformative power of aesthetics.

The course has received international attention, being covered by AIGA Eye on Design and AIGA Design Conference 2020, as well as in an upcoming publication by MIT Press authored by educator Alison Place (2023).

On data visualisation of stories at the margins

Visualising Power is a university course where design students practice to visualise data with a focus on power relations. Packaging many aspects of design at once, data visualisation makes a great learning device. Adding the lens of power allows students to build agency to give space to those stories that would otherwise remain invisible or at the margins.

Students are free to pick their own topic of interest, and as they do, an impressive range of themes emerges via their various sensitivities: from how deforestation impacts Indigenous communities in Sweden, to LGBTQ+ rights, to violence against women in porn, to inequity in access to higher education.

The course has been joined by prominent voices innovating the field of data visualisation, like the graphics team at The New York Times, Federica Fragapane and the team at the Swedish National Institute for Statistics, amongst others. 

Benedetta has run Visualising Power at the BFA Graphic design 2nd year at Beckmans College of Design (2021) and at the BFA Graphic design 2nd year at Konstfack University (2022). Read more here.

Writing in Form has been presented at HDK University of Goteborg (MFA Design, 2018), Konstfack University (BFA graphic design & illustration, 2019–2020), Beckmans College of Design (BFA graphic design, 2019–2021), Linnaeus University (MFA Design+Change, 2022), and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (MFA Design, 2022).

On writing and visual practice

Writing in Form is a lecture and workshop series on the relation between writing and visual work. Debuking common myths around knowledge, the talk inspires students to find their approach to writing within visual practice. 

Writing in Form is especially suited for design students at bachelor and master levels who may be asked to write, possibly for the first time—not without resistance and fear. The talk addresses these insecurities from the point of view of visual practitioners, and sketches a way forward. Read more on the dedicated page.

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