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Lecture & workshop series

Writing in Form is a lecture and workshop series on writing and design practice, and ways to achieve a meaningful relation between the two. It was first commissioned by HDK University of Goteborg (MFA in design), then brought to Konstfack University (1st and 3rd year BFA graphic design & illustration, 2019 and 2020), and at Beckmans College of Design (1st year BFA graphic design, 2019–2021).

Staying as grounded as possible in design practice, during a presentation and workshop we explore the questions: as visual thinkers, how can we go beyond polarising ways of looking at knowledge and be confident in our relationship with writing? In what ways can it support visual work, and how can we formulate our own formats and space for it within practice?

During the day, after the lecture and discussion, we build with the students a map of writing practice; students also work on a practical assignment of visual writing that is then discussed together.

If you wish to bring this lecture and/or workshop at your institution, you are very welcome to get in touch.

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Thank you to Brita Leitmann Lindvall for the typeface “Almost Helvetica” in the slides

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