graphic design
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works on desire
Solo exhibition & textile design

Exhibition poster, 50x70cm

For my first solo exhibition at Konstfack in 2017 I showed statues, drawings, paintings and preparatory sketches of what a few months later would become my MFA degree work, the artist’s book World of Desire. I also designed and produced a series of hand-painted textiles.

The programme included a talk with artist Sofia Lind, an open screening of the documentary Horn Please on Pakistani truck art, and a different soundtrack for each day.

For the works to be 
in dialogue with contemporary questions around decoration, curator Svante H. Tirén 
wrote a text situating the work 
in the broader context of decorative and design practices.

Quoting from his text:

“Benedetta’s process includes analyses of political and creative issues that are part of coming to terms with how the very notion of ‘decorative’ represents a hidden system of cultural hierarchies and narrow distribution of legitimacy. In her case, it is no longer a question of joyful kitsch versus restrained purism, or maximalism contrasted to minimalism. Instead, it is a freedom from these binary opponents altogether and a focus on developing a new sensitivity beyond polarising structures and concepts.”

Thank you to Sofia Lind, Svante Tirén, and my class at Konstfack

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