graphic design
& visual interventions

world of desire at
modern art museum, stockholm


In 2018, my artist’s book World of Desire was awarded the Ung Svensk Form design prize and exhibited since in Sweden and abroad (including the Form Design Museum in Malmö, Sweden and Art Tokyo in Japan).

The first exhibition took place at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm. The jury asked me to create something similar to the floor painting I presented at Konstfack’s Spring Exhibition the year before.

Being this a travelling show a floor painting was not an option so I decided to make another experiment, putting my recently aquired laser-cutting ambitions to the test with a big composable object in transparent acrylic.

I designed a water-cut, 5-parts composable floor piece that is put together and taken away in a few seconds and stays interlocked once laid on the floor. The piece acts as decorative and embracing element in the space.

Together with Holly Keasy and Erik Gregemar we also designed a bookstand of simple composition and fast mounting to display the book. 

Thank you to Stephanie Garland for documentation

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