the hyperbolic ornament
Commissioned art installation

“A place for experimentation, not canonisation”, in the words of the curators, Fikra is the first graphic design Biennial in the history of the United Arab Emirates (Sharjah, November 2018), gathering a group of practitioners representative of an expanded understanding of the field of graphic design.

Nina Paim and Corinne Gisel, curators of The Department of Non-Binaries, commissioned Benedetta a site-specific work for the exhibition on contemporary design. Their request was to create a curtain that could function as hybrid divider of the space, confusing norms of legibility and enhancing the complexity of the room.

Departing from prior formal explorations, Benedetta developed a series of experimental visual compositions using digital image-making and iterative graphics, melted into an animation with original soundtrack.

The animation is projected on a semi-transparent shimmering fabric by Kvadrat. The final result is a 4x5 mt curtain with sound and animation projected on textile.

This work is an experiment in aesthetic and presence, bringing contemporary forms of ornamentation at center stage—exploring formal, cultural and emotional possibilities for graphic design.


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Fabric sponsored by: Kvadrat / Our gratitude goes to Nina Paim, Corinne Gisel and Naz Naddaf, assistant for installation Zahra Nastralla, and the on-site team at Fikra

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