lovad vare vreden
Ornamental poster

This ornamental poster hangs in the offices of SALLY, a new division of the design agency Doberman entirely focused on sustainable change. The creative director of SALLY, Tove Blomgren came to us shortly after founding the agency and deciding to fill their office in Stockholm with artistic contributions from a range of artists.

The main element of the design is an ornamental text frame, to suggest that the path to sustainability requires us to shift the focus to what usually sits at the margins of our attention. 

The frame surrounds the poem Lovad Vare Vreden (“Praised be the rage”) by Swedish-Danish poet Maria Wine and a favourite of Tove, as tribute to anger that prompts to action. The long text is set in the future-tech-looking typeface Format–1452 and the more classic Orpheus Pro, which alternate to hint at the current tension between past and future, and to preserve the original succession of the verses.

The poster is printed in 3 copies on leftover, matte silver vinyl with a machine that prints white first and CMYK second for stronger color performance. Printing white is usually not possible outside of special or expensive printing processes, because of the historical understanding of white as a “non-color” in Western visual culture. Benedetta discusses how this heritage has affected modern printing technologies and attitudes toward color in her essay The Colour of Green.

Thank you to Tove Blomgren

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