during the lunch break
Screenprinted dust jacket and wall painting

Screen printed poster and dust jacket for the book / exhibition During the Lunch Break (På Lunch Rasten) by design historian Christina Zetterlund. The exhibition showcases a selection of “friggers”—glass objects created by glassworkers during breaks.

The poster had to work as dust jacket for the printed catalogue. Benedetta designed a foldable poster screen printed in silver on purple paper, with hand-drawn illustrations of the friggers.

The friggers show distinctive aesthetic qualities and a playful approach to glasswork, however remain invisible and dismissed as often happens with vernacular forms of craft. Of them, Veine Franzén says: “When making friggers you were completely free. You were experimenting and it was here that you learnt new skills. I would argue that this practice is the mother of glass art.”

This 2-parts project continued in winter 2019–2020 with an exhibition on this craft and their makers at MintABF Stockholm, titled Att ta saken i egna händer (Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands), curated by Christina Zetterlund, where Benedetta worked on a site-specific wall painting with silver illustrations of the friggers. 

This project includes careful considerations of political aspects of power, class, design and art categories, and the role of illustration and representation at the intersection of these. How to propose a different order through aesthetic production, is our question.

Exhibition & curation: Christina Zetterlund
Book design & production: Lisa Olausson

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