blue organ
Ornamental artwork on textile

Blue Organ is a textile artwork custom designed as ornamental piece for a series of workshops by artist Holly Keasey, within the context of the cultural programme Artistic Undressings. Developing on a surface of 20 x 3 meters, the piece acts as ornament within the pedagogical space, with a dramatic presence hanging from a ceiling height of 15 meters.
The name Blue Organ references Jeff Bezos’ project “Blue Origin” for the colonisation of space, and bears a poem by artist Holly Keasey as critical commentary on capitalist appropriations of public space.

Opposing the interpretation of space as yet another land to be exploited, the design departs from the concept of orbits to instead propose space as a landscape where immense forces coexist via mutual attraction.

Orbits are here interpreted as the spatial trajectories that define all bodies in and out space as relational. Immense, yet invisible magnetic forces keep all living things in the universe connected in a relational manner.

The design references this both in the way the visual elements are arranged, and in the way the arrangement guides the eye to travel, follow, and discover those relations.

The piece is situated at the crossroad between a jewel and a glimpse on a parallel cosmos where relations are defined through logics free of exploitation.

Assistant: Johanna Lundberg
Thank you to Holly Keasey

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