be ready to be changed
Painting, Public art

The finished painting, located at Klara Norra Kyrkogata 14, Stockholm

Benedetta’s strategies include transforming spaces typically at the margin of our senses in overflowing and compassionate visual experiences.
In 2017 she was one of 25 Swedish artists commissioned by the project ArtMadeThis to decorate a public space for property developer Vasakronan. She was assigned a 80sqm garage entrance at Vasakronan’s headquarters in central Stockholm.

This has been a first occasion to translate her visual language into public art and in big scale. The work sits at the intersection between abstract and figurative, using metaphors and ambiguity to make the reader active participant and final component of the work.

Each bystander can make a different sense of the painting. Both text and image invite to active thought and to a transformative experience. The work stays open to interpretation and in dialogue with the reader, in a fluid exchange.

The work was painted directly on the surface without guidance, as part of Benedetta’s decorative approach of letting the work speak as it grows. Most details where decided on site as the work progressed. The work took careful planning, quick execution and 4 days to complete. Text on the door says: “Be Ready / To Be Changed”

Thank you to Ali Davoodi

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