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Graphic design and consultancy

During 2019–2021 I am leading the visual communication at Amphi Production, a rather unique Swedish company working with inclusivity and norm-critical perspectives in the workplace.

Amphi develops educational materials and workshops, as well as printed and video productions. 

Pages from Amphi’s visual identity guidelines

Taking over from colleague Brita Lindvall Leitmann who designed Amphi’s logotype and visual identity, I am supporting Amphi with building strategies for visual communication as well as capacity building to implement the visual identity across projects.

During a first phase (2019–2020) we developed visual identity guidelines, a new webpage presenting Amphi’s services, and initiated strategic decisions to formalise visual communication as active component of norm-challenging work.

The work extends throughout 2021 to further expand Amphi’s visual identity across materials and channels. My commitment includes design, consultancy work and development of methods to measure the impact of graphic design in challenging norms through intersectional power analysis.

Thank you to Parasto Backman, Brita Lindvall Leitmann and Emma Lundqvist.
Project team: Wendy Francis (communications)

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