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aiga eye on design

Ilustrations for the design blog AIGA Eye on Design, the leading platform on visual design in the United States. The illustrations accompany a text by design educator Aggie Toppins on the need for design history to move from hero-based narratives to historiographies focused on contexts and cultures.

The first illustration (above) uses gradients and light to depict a shimmering world off the excitement of a new history being born. The graphic language moves from the science-based iconography common in the depiction of history to a more open, suspended, contemplative visual landscape. A moment for the mind to observe, wonder and imagine otherwise.

The second illustration (above) depicts a fictional tapestry of names put to rest, a virtual cemetery of form with a celebratory, carefree twist. It references religious rituals and material culture, with a sense of “beyond” — the freedom experienced once dominant figures and traditions are left behind.

The graphic sits at the edge of virtual and real and plays with confusing the perception of what is what. It merges cross symbols from 15 different typefaces, enhanced through decorative effects to become unique, highly aesthetic jewels, then arranged as pattern on a virtual fabric.

Thank you to Madeleine Morley for this commission

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