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From large companies to design students, Benedetta works as advisor on visual communication and design processes. Evaluations, live feedback, workshops, reviews, any form needed for a design or a process to be relevant, inviting and effective. Benedetta brings norm-critical and sustainable perspectives as vital components of this, making sure the design lives up to present and future demands for equity. 

The consultancy covers

  1. Evaluation of processes
    feedback on creative concepts and programmes, to make them inclusive and effective

  2. Review of user interfaces and interactive prototypes
    making sure a website or platform is inviting, well-structured and usable

  3. Feedback on design already in place
    when you know something should be changed but you are not sure what, or to choose between multiple design options

  4. Building capacity for visual communication
    Long-lifespan advice on priorities, team composition, planning and budgeting to build your internal capacity for design work

  5. Evaluation of design work (also in progress) for practitioners and students to have a fresh pair of eyes on your work and help fullfil its creative potential

  6. Support with norm-critical perspectives and sustainability
    making your design able to live in the world by integrating perspectives on gender, race and other indicators, including sustainable approaches to form. Read examples of Benedetta’s critique of visual culture here and here.

How and how much

Most feedback is done remotely after an initial briefing and is always accessible, well-structured and confidential. Benedetta charges a decreasing fee per hour depending on whether you are a company, a cultural / non-profit institution, or a student. If needed, Benedetta brings in colleagues with specific expertises.

What clients say

emma lundqvist
managing director, amphi produktion

We brought Benedetta in for a 1-day workshop to map and define our needs for visual communication. She executed a well planned and flexible workshop, making us think in new ways and clarifying our needs regarding communication. By being very attentive she managed to make sense of our thoughts, and helped us to set a realistic plan for the future.

toby gardner
director, trase

Benedetta can be relied upon to provide clear, constructive and well-informed contributions. She brings a superb eye and fresh perspective to our design work, both on the high level strategy and visual identity, whilst also helping evaluate the inputs of external consultants. She places great value on respect and trust and this shines through in all our interactions with her.

johanna lundberg
graphic designer, former student at beckmans college of design

I had Benedetta as tutor during my bachelor graduation project at Beckmans College of Design. Benedetta takes on the important task of seeing the relevance of the emotional aspect in visual practice. With her sharpness and passion she helped me identifying the core of my true intention and motivation, guiding me in the right direction. She had a great and positive influence on my work with her way of seeing.

tom gill
publications manager, stockholm environment institute

We have worked with Benedetta on two flagship publications, to steer the concept and design stages. Her input at the start of the work was key to the success of the projects. She was especially skilled at helping contributors formulate their thinking visually. As a colleague she is calm, inspiring and pragmatic—a pleasure to work with.

kristina ketola bore
curator, exhibitions and education, kunsthall stavanger

We asked Benedetta for feedback on a semester of our youth programme Mobilizing Citizenship, where she had been a participating artist. She gave us valuable feedback on pedagogic ideas relating to her practice. She also provided important perspectives concerning group dynamics, bringing a relevant contribution for our development of the programme.

aaron atteridge
director, aid atlas

Benedetta was a fantastic asset to the design process. We first worked together on the initial design concepts and wireframes for Aid Atlas. We brought her in again to evaluate the design once the platform was launched and provide us with feedback on possible improvements. Working with Benedetta was truly a pleasure. Her creative process is really intuitive, as well as efficient and clear. I really liked her sense of visual design, and of how users would interact with the platform – which was a priority for us. Bene was extremely professional in her approach and I honestly wish we’d been able to involve her even more from the very start.

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