Benedetta Crippa
graphic design
& visual interventions
Visual identity

A 2-year project by the artistic organisation Mossutställningar, Artistic Undressings reflects on alternative models for sustainable city development in Stockholm, with a series of events open to the public.

Being the project divided in 5 Acts over a period of 2 years, I developed a visual identity of strong aesthetic impact and vibrant color palette easily declined across materials and events, while drafting new strategies for approaching form through the lens of sustainability.

The flexible and recognisable system uses a series oh hand-drawn decorative frames that are then digitally interpolated to the point of almost losing the original form, ending in a state of movement and tension.

The work includes logo and visual identity, printed and digital materials, type design and animation. The identity is currently into development of Act 2 (January 2020).

Project team:
Stella d’Ailly (curator), Holly Keasey (curator), Henrik Schmidt (production), Tove Nilson (communications AKT 1), Johan Palme (communications)

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